“Become a beefatarian” says controversial EU-funded red meat campaign

A new campaign calling for people to become ‘beefatarians’ has been backed by the European Commission.

It is part of a three-year project that seeks to dispel false beliefs around the consumption of meat and is being led by the Inter-professional Organisation of the Spanish Beef Industry, Provacuno, plus Belgian meat organisation APAQ-W.

“Become a beefatarian” was launched in October, with nearly €3.6m of EU support being pumped into the campaign in order to strengthen the sector. It’s all part of a wider project by the commission, called Proud of European Beef. This is aimed at inciting consumers to do away with red meat stereotypes and to “enable them to be again confident about their consumption decision.”

The EU is a major producer of beef and veal, with a total herd of around 78 million cattle.

What is a ‘beefatarian’?

A beefatarian is someone who wants to “have a balanced diet”, Provacuno director Javier Lopez said. He cited proteins, vitamins and minerals as essential nutrients we can gain from eating it regularly.

In the campaign promo video, beefatarians are defined as those who “don’t hesitate to order a side of Ribeye with their asparagus.”

Source : https://www.euronews.com/living/2020/11/25/become-a-beefatarian-says-controversial-eu-funded-red-meat-campaign