Trends in the lamb producer price

The producer price of Class A2/A3 lamb was in total 1,6% higher during the week of 4 December compared to the previous week, according to AMT.

The increase in the price notwithstanding a higher supply can mainly be contributed to a higher end month demand.

The price was 3,5% higher compared to a month ago and 23,0% higher year-on-year. For the immediate future, the average price of the A2/A3’s is expected to move sideward/upward.

Based on long term trends over the past 20 years, the chance is 95,0% for a higher monthly price in December compared to November and 79,0% for a lower price in January 2021 compared to December.

The average price of Class C2/C3 mutton was in total 1,3% higher in the week of 4 December 2020 notwithstanding a higher supply. The price increase was the result of a higher demand. The price was 2,1% higher compared to a month ago and 36,4% higher against the same week a year ago.

For the immediate future, the average price of the C2/C3’s is expected to move sideward.

The average price of feeder lamb was in total 1,0% lower in the week of 11 December 2020. The higher price can among others be the result of a stronger demand in the market.

The price is expected to move more sideward/downward in the immediate future.

Compared to a month ago, the average price was 4,9% lower and 30,5% higher year-on-year.