Various diseases reported

The following reports were received from practices regarding animal health diseases, according to the monthly report on livestock disease trends as informally reported by veterinarians belonging to the Ruminant Veterinary Association of South Africa (RuVASA).

External parasites – blue ticks, resistant blue ticks, heartwater ticks, brown ear-ticks, bont-legged ticks, red-legged ticks, paralysis ticks, tampans, biting lice, sucking lice, sheep scab, mange mites, nuisance flies, midges, mosquitoes, blowflies, screw-worm, Gedoelstia (uitpeuloogsiekte) and nasal bot.

  • Tick borne diseases – red water, African red water, Asiatic red water, anaplasmosis, heartwater, lumpy skin disease and corridor disease and theileriosis.
  • Insect transmittable diseases – lumpy skin disease, pseudo lumpy skin disease (Allerton virus) ephemeral fever (Three-day-stiff sickness), blue tongue, Rift Valley fever, Wesselsbron and Nagana.
  • Venereal diseases – trichomonosis, vibriosis and Pizzle disease.
  • Bacterial diseases – blackquarter, clostridial disease, botulism, pulpy kidney, swelled head, red gut (cattle), blood gut (sheep), tetanus, salmonellosis, bovine brucellosis, ovine brucellosis (ram’s disease), Johne’s, leptospirosis, listeriosis, pasteurellosis, fusibacterium necrophorum, septicaemia, e. coli, enzootic abortion, lumpy wool (dermatophilus), bovine dermatophilosis (senkobo disease), uterine gangrene, wooden tongue and lumpy jaw.
  • Viral diseases – BMC, BVD, IBR, rotavirus, coronavirus, enzootic bovine leucosis (EBL), orf and warts, rotavirus, coronavirus and jaagsiekte.